Franchise Makers

Slotted salaries allow teams to take gambles on QBs. Houston and Cleveland have enough defense. If they believe one of these QBs can be a franchise Super Bowl winning QB, they have to take him. What if you trade down and Manziel, Bortles, or Bridgewater leads another team to the Super Bowl while your team squanders four more years of mediocre QB play. The owners of JAC and CLE want results. If HOU and CLE GMs pass on these QBs and one of them wins big, they are guaranteeing their own firing. If you think one of these guys is “THE GUY”, put on your Big Boy GM pants and take him HOU, JAC, CLE, and OAK. STL working out Manziel is a total smoke screen though. PHIL’s Chip Kelly loves Manziel, but not enough to take him in rounds 1 or 2. DAL has too many other needs to take Manziel unless they trade Romo. Since 2008, the Cowboys are 26-13 when Romo’s QB rating is 100+, but they are only 6-6 in the last two years. Of Romo’s 4 100+ QB rating losses from 2008 to 2011, 4 are to the NYG. None of the 6 2012-2013 100+ QB rating losses are to the NYG. DAL is 3-1 vs the NYG in 2012-13. GB is 42-9 when Rodgers has had a 100+ QB rating since 2008. The Cowboys problem is in personnel procurement GM/Owner deficiencies and not in its starting QB.